Managed Hosting Provider Cartika Announces Future IaaS Cloud Server Platform Functionality

Cartika, a Canadian provider of managed application and cloud hosting services, recently restructured its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud server platform. The company now shared some details about their future IaaS platform functionality it plans to roll out over the coming quarters.

Back in October this year, managed hosting provider Cartika changed the model of its primary cloud offering from being a bundled set of services, to one where partners and clients can now select and pay for exactly what they need. 

The first major enhancement was to let users load their ISOs and directly boot Virtual Machines (VMs) from them. This would improve flexibility when migrating between non-homogenous Hypervisor (HV) platforms. It would also allow customized installs and easy deployment of traditional Bare Metal Restores (BMRs) on Cartika’s cloud.

managed-hosting-cartikaAlso, there is now integrated SSH key support, so customers can upload their SSH keys and install them on any VM within their account. This would provide more efficient VM management; streamline procedures; and allow the seamless expansion of a user’s footprint in the Cartika cloud without forcing clients to change their processes.

Cartika Product Roadmap

Cartika has many other new capabilities on its product roadmap though. Soon to launch will be the support for full client area APIs, including “robust” API integration into the Cartika IaaS cloud hosting platform. This will allow users to programmatically manage their entire Cartika environments.

It would also make it easy for partners to sell, provision and configure VMs for their clients using existing portals and systems. Cartika will further enhance its Backup-as-a-Service software and plans to expand storage infrastructure tiers, plus add functionality to perform replication between facilities.

“Our decision to break out our cloud hosting services using a highly-tiered approach has been met with a very warm reception by our enterprise cloud clients and partners alike,” said Cartika CEO, Andrew Rouchotas. “We have a long list of planned developments for our IaaS cloud based on direct user feedback. Our vision of building a unique and adaptive cloud platform is quickly becoming reality.”

Founded in Toronto in May 2000, Cartika Inc. has been specializing in application hosting and advanced clustering technologies. The company delivers its cloud hosting services to cloud users across North America.