Managed Hosting Provider Cartika Restructures Its IaaS Cloud Platform

Cartika, a Canadian provider of managed application and cloud hosting, has restructured its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platform to better accommodate the real-world workloads of enterprise cloud users.

Cartika’s restructuring of its IaaS cloud platform introduces three tiers with carefully chosen storage performance, CPU power, memory, and bandwidth. These three tiers – SATA, SAS, and SSD – were created in response to the cloud needs of Cartika’s enterprise clients. The aim of the restructuring is to ensure that cloud users deploy and pay for the infrastructure most appropriate to their workload.

managed-hosting-cartikaAccording to Cartika, many cloud platforms with pre-packaged cloud servers force clients to use – and pay for – high speed SSD-based servers, even when the use-case calls for large storage volumes without a requirement for very fast data I/O. Cartika’s SATA tier offers clients a solution that doesn’t require more expensive SSD-drives, including file storage and light application deployment. 

For resource intensive enterprise cloud workloads that do require the fastest possible I/O, processing, and more RAM, Cartika offers SAS and SSD tiers that are specified to accommodate those resource needs. 

“We’ve provided hosting for hundreds of enterprise clients over the last 15 years, and we’ve developed a finely honed sense of their infrastructure requirements,” said Andrew Rouchotas, Cartika CEO. “The restructuring of Cartika’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform further optimizes our cloud server portfolio so that clients can choose the right resource profile for their specific needs.”

Cartika‘s range of infrastructure and management add-ons include proactive management services to enhance the round-the-clock support available to all hosting clients; load balancing solutions; and the company’s Bacula4 backup-as-a-service platform.