Managed Hosting Provider, Edge, Selects ScienceLogic After Extensive Evaluation of Monitoring Tools

managed-hosting-edgeEdge Web Hosting, a provider of managed hosting services, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, has chosen ScienceLogic’s IT monitoring software to launch new dashboard services to its rapidly expanding customer base.

“We conducted an extensive evaluation of several monitoring products,” said Michael Altman, COO at Edge Web Hosting. “We selected ScienceLogic because its technology is far superior to other products in the market. The breadth of device coverage, reporting, and dashboards were key selling points for us as these features have enabled us to launch a new dashboard service to our customers. This new service will differentiate us in the marketplace and allow us to increase the value of our services to our customers.”

Specifically, the managed hosting provider has chosen ScienceLogic for:

  • Dashboard reporting – Intuitive, smart dashboard reporting provides insight to nearly every aspect of the company’s infrastructure and customers’ infrastructures while also being easy to manipulate for the creation of new reports.
  • True Multi-Tenancy –  Highly automated, multi-tenant capabilities built from the ground up provide multiple levels of data segmentation, by user profile, customer profile, geography profile, technology profile, and many other profiles.
  • Integration – ScienceLogic provides automated integrations already established with other technologies and systems Edge Web Hosting had in place.

Over 15,000 hosting services providers, enterprises, and government organizations worldwide rely on ScienceLogic every day to significantly enhance their IT operations.

As a provider specializing in managed hosting services, Edge Web Hosting delivers solutions like cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting, server cluster hosting, colocation server hosting and more.