Managed Hosting Provider GigeNET Starts Massive Hiring Initiative

GigeNET, a managed hosting provider offering dedicated servers, cloud, hybrid, and colocation hosting solutions, has announced that their Washington, D.C. expansion has caused a need for a massive hiring initiative. The increase in staff will allow the Chicago based hosting company to further and develop their growing portfolio of hosting solutions, services, and customer service enterprise.

dedicated-servers-gigenetGigeNET’s headquarters is located just outside of Chicago, where they own and operate a 17,000 square foot data center. They also provide a wide array of services at their expanded LA location. The need for applicants comes from their Sales, Customer Service, and Technical departments.

“This need for hiring has ignited a true spark of motivation that is captivating everyone within and outside of the company,” said Ameen Pishdadi, President and CTO at GigeNET. “We are still riding the excitement from our Washington, D.C. datacenter opening which makes us believe that this year should produce big accomplishments for GigeNET.” 

The new Washington, D.C. data center has allowed GigeNET to add thousands of servers and an additional location for their cloud hosting services, which is what had started this hiring initiative.