Managed Hosting Provider PlexHosted Adds Support for Datazen Mobile Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Platform

PlexHosted, a developer of managed cloud hosting solutions for better enterprise collaboration, has announced new solutions to support managed hosting of Datazen, a mobile business intelligence and data visualization platform recently added to the Microsoft Suite.

The Datazen platform offered by PlexHosted would enable rapid development and publishing of business intelligence (BI) content through a premium user experience across devices. Datazen is compatible with both desktop and mobile operating systems, including Windows 8 and Windows 8.1+; Android 4.1+; Windows Phone 7.1; and Windows Phone 8+.

The mobile business intelligence and data visualization platform is able to connect to multiple data sources, including Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Systems; Microsoft SharePoint lists; Microsoft Azure SQL Database; OData; MySQL; Excel documents; and more.

datazen“We are pleased to be able to offer managed, hosted support for businesses who want to utilize Datazen and its business intelligence capabilities through the cloud,” said Michael Starostin, CTO, PlexHosted. “Our solutions will enable employees to access crucial data from anywhere, across multiple mobile devices. Business decisions are driven by data now more than ever, so it’s crucial to ensure every employee has access to the robust amounts of information available in order to make choices that will best impact their organization.”

Microsoft Acquisition

Datazen was acquired by Microsoft last April as part of Microsoft’s strategy to help build a data culture at every company and ensure every employee has access to the resulting insights through easy-to-use tools. 

Founded in 2010, managed cloud hosting provider PlexHosted is based in Jamestown, Rhode Island. The company ‘s solution offerings include business-class email, collaboration, enterprise instant messaging, and SaaS website hosting.