Managed Hosting Provider SingleHop Bolsters Compliance Portfolio with New Managed Security Solution for Midsize Organizations

SingleHop, a global provider of on-demand private cloud and managed hosting, has announced significant enhancements to its security and compliance portfolio with the introduction of its Shield Plus Compliance solution.

This fully managed, custom-built security service for hosted environments at SingleHop or AWS would protect midsize organizations storing and exchanging sensitive data, including information covered by HIPAA (for patient health information), PCI DSS (for payment cardholder data) and other common industry rules and regulations.

singlehop secure hosting“Regardless of an organization’s size, the smallest compliance misstep can result in violations and significant fines, or worse yet, breaches that threaten customer privacy and business viability,” said Jordan Jacobs, vice president of products, SingleHop. “Protecting sensitive information can quickly overwhelm resource-strapped IT departments. Shield Plus Compliance arms midsized organizations with an economical, fully staffed remote Security Operations Center, drastically minimizing risk while reducing bottlenecks in the IT project backlog.”

Shield Plus Compliance is an extension of SingleHop’s existing managed security solutions, Shield and Shield Plus, which would offer a comprehensive suite of physical, account, network, server and application-level services. Shield Plus Compliance includes those services and offers a custom mix of additional automation-driven technologies and solutions offered by SingleHop and its security partners, including:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Log collection and analysis
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Host-based IDS
  • Data-at-Rest encryption

“The cost of implementing a suite of security tools like Shield in-house, including network solutions like DDoS mitigation, are mostly out of reach for all but the largest of enterprises,” added Mr. Jacobs. “For midsize organizations, most enterprise solutions simply don’t scale down in terms of cost or capabilities. We’ve seen midsized healthcare, retail and financial institutions take advantage of Shield’s economies of scale to directly solve some of their toughest IT challenges.”

Shield Plus Compliance complements SingleHop‘s dedicated, compliant-ready hosting solutions for HIPAA and PCI DSS. These custom-designed, managed dedicated server or Dedicated Private Cloud environments are fully isolated and configured for specific workloads and compliance needs.

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