Managed Hosting Provider Steadfast Launches Veeam-Powered Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Steadfast, a Chicago-based managed hosting provider with services including cloud, dedicated servers, colocation and hybrid hosting, has unveiled Veeam-powered backup and disaster recovery (DR) services for customers utilizing Hyper-V and VMware hypervisors – both inside and outside Steadfast’s data center facilities. 

veeam-softwareAs a Silver Veeam Cloud Provider (VCP), Steadfast now offers offsite backup for Veeam Availability Suite using Veeam Cloud Connect. “We’re very excited to support Veeam Cloud Connect as another option we can provide our customers,” said Karl Zimmerman, Founder and CEO of Steadfast. “Steadfast is always looking to incorporate the best new technologies in our product offerings, allowing us to build the most customized and efficient solutions to fill out our line of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity options.” 

Cloud Connect allows customers already utilizing Veeam onsite to push backups, backup copies and file copies to a secure cloud repository hosted in Steadfast’s data centers. The solution allows full VM restores, VM disk restores and Windows guest OS file restores to be performed directly from the cloud repository. 

Users who wish to, or already, host their Hyper-V or VMware environments with Steadfast can take advantage of Veeam Backup & Replication as well. Steadfast uses its data centers and internal network to build Veeam-powered solutions for backing up dedicated virtualized infrastructure. This would ensure that customers incur no additional bandwidth cost, while delivering “fast” backup and restore speeds.

Customers who are using Veeam onsite can opt to purchase an entire virtual infrastructure from Steadfast, hypervisor included, to replicate critical virtual machines or their entire virtualized environment to Steadfast. In this scenario, the onsite Veeam server pulls VM data from the onsite virtualized infrastructure, and replicates the data to Steadfast’s dedicated virtualized infrastructure. The result is a production-ready (warm or cold) DR environment, ready to spin up and deploy should a disaster befall the customer’s production site.

Founded in 1998, Steadfast is an IT infrastructure provider with fully redundant data centers in Chicago and Edison, New Jersey. Steadfast’s services include managed cloud hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, hybrid hosting, and disaster recovery services.

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