Managed Hosting Provider Tenzing Launches New Magento Optimized Hosting Plans

magento-hostingTenzing IT Services, an ecommerce hosting and managed hosting services expert from Toronto, Canada, has announced a new offering, Magento Optimized Hosting. The new hosting plans include advanced managed services like Site Optimization, Application Performance Monitoring, Multi-Endpoint Load Testing, and DDoS Mitigation and Prevention.

Tenzing’s Magento Optimized Hosting combines hybrid bare metal and cloud infrastructure, performance-based reference architectures designed specifically for Magento. Optimized LAMP configurations are leveraging memcache and VARNISH to deliver significantly greater performance.

NGINX and Percona MySQL

In addition, Tenzing offers more advanced reference architectures based on technologies like NGINX and Percona MySQL to deliver even greater performance gains. Each of these options can be deployed on either bare metal infrastructure or a hybrid configuration. The result would be significantly higher price/performance from the underlying infrastructure and the ability to scale quickly when and if it is needed.

“Magento merchants need more than managed hosting in order to be successful,” said Dave Geada, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Tenzing. “They need a service provider who understands the challenges that they face and can identify, integrate and deliver innovative technologies seamlessly as a service. Our Magento Optimized Hosting offering represents the best of managed hosting plus advanced managed services designed to help merchants capture greater revenue and deliver the best possible customer experience.”