Managed Hosting Provider Tenzing to Deliver Ecommerce Services on AWS

Tenzing, a provider of managed hosting solutions for mid-sized retailers, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver managed hosting on AWS infrastructure. The new services will enable retailers to host sites entirely on AWS that are fully managed by Tenzing’s expert team of ecommerce hosting professionals.

Tenzing will combine AWS Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and AWS services such as RDS, Elastic Cache, and Elastic Load Balancing to deliver optimized infrastructure for platforms like Oracle Commerce and Magento. The managed hosting provider will also deliver core managed services including monitoring, patching, backups and OS administration as well as advanced managed services for site optimization, load testing, application performance monitoring and DDoS mitigation.

Tenzing’s AWS offering will address the challenge of meeting retailers’ seasonal peak demand. AWS offers retailers the ability to increase capacity 100 times base load for a few hours on the morning of Cyber Monday while they will only have to pay for that extra capacity for a few hours instead of all year long. Similarly, a disaster recovery site can remain dormant at limited cost and then be brought live to full capacity in minutes at a data center in a different geography. These things that are hard to do inexpensively on traditional infrastructure would be an easy task on AWS.

“Most of our competitors see AWS as competition,” said Brian Sheperd, CEO of Tenzing.

“Retailers have been looking for ways to leverage AWS, however they still want a fully managed hosting solution, so we decided to bring our managed services experience to AWS infrastructure and deliver the best of both worlds,” said Brian Shepard, CEO of Tenzing. “Tenzing is one of the first managed hosting providers to embrace AWS as an alternative to traditional hosting. Most of our competitors see AWS as competition because they are too focused on filling their own datacenters with servers. This is short-sighted, and ultimately what is best for the customer will prevail. We believe AWS is part of this future.”

Oracle Commerce, Magento

“Some retailers have already made the move to AWS but aren’t happy with a do-it-yourself model and/or are experiencing challenges with optimization,” said Raj Atwal, VP and GM of Ecommerce at Tenzing. “Simply moving e-commerce platforms such as Oracle Commerce and Magento from bare-metal servers to AWS virtual machines does not yield optimal results, and costs can actually be higher than bare-metal for similar performance. Tenzing has spent over a year testing and optimizing reference architectures to take maximum advantage of specific AWS services and instance types.”

Founded in 1998, Canadian company Tenzing provides advanced managed hosting services, to retailers, SIs and ISVs. The company is SSAE16 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and VISA PCI certified with datacenters in the US, Canada and United Kingdom.