Cloud services company Pythian has acquired ManageServe. This acquisition will help to extend Pythian’s full lifecycle ERP abilities to offer managed services, analytics, and SAP HANA migration.

Pythian Services is a cloud services company and just added even more to their offerings with ManageServe. As a provider of SAP application hosting, ManageServe would offer more capabilities for Pythian when it comes to implementation, analytics, end-to-end services, migration, and SAP application hosting.

With more than 16 years of experience, ManageServe offers the ability to deliver SAP HANA solutions on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and SAP cloud hosting platforms.

ManageServe is backed by a reputation for having technical knowledge. It’s expected to fit in well with Pythian’s lifecycle approach and give customers the ability to optimize and scale business applications while adding plenty of value. ManageServe would also provide the right data-first approach for Pythian when it comes to analytics with SAP systems.

A Trusted SAP Partner for Pythian

With more than a third of the enterprise-level customers working with Pythian using SAP, this acquisition may lead to an even better service for their customers. ManageServe has been successful with completing more than 80 SAP implementations, more than 80 OS/DB migrations including SAP HANA, and more than 50 SAP upgrades. They have become a trusted SAP PartnerEdge and certified hosting partner with the ability to handle large-scale migrations for several industries including healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Pythian Enhances ERP Practice Through the Acquisition

This acquisition gives Pythian the ability to enhance its ERP practice and allows both SAP and Oracle customers to better optimize their systems. More value can be gained from their ERP data and the journey to the cloud can be accelerated.

Many enterprises are becoming more and more interested in integrating SAP data with cloud-based analytics stacks. ManageServe is a rather relevant option for Pythian to serve their customers better now and into the future.

Some of the features ManageServe offers include:

  • End-to-End Managed Services
  • Big Data Analytics Services
  • Workload migration
  • An SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Enhanced Migration Optimization

With Pythian and ManageServe joining forces, the company may be in a great position to provide enterprise-scale SAP services on-premise or in the cloud. This may help some customers maximize the value of their data and grow with the rapidly growing culture of the cloud.

About Pythian and ManageServe

A company serving the IT industry since 1997, Pythian has become a leader in helping companies leverage analytics, data, and the cloud. They offer a full-lifecycle approach with professional and managed services.

As a leader in HANA and SAP Migration, along with managed services, and enterprise hosting, ManageServe would offer a cost-effective way for customers to maximize their ROI. The company was founded in 2005 while their headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.

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