Friday, September 22, 2023
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When we want to explain Managed Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting, in particular, we always start with the basics and that’s hosting.

Since many years there are so-called hosting companies (or hosting providers) that offer businesses and individuals a (web)server (or part of a (web)server that is connected to the internet. Companies and individuals can rent a piece of these servers to run their own website(s). For small sites, only a part of a server is powerful enough and it’s no problem that the provider rents out more parts of the same server to other clients. This is called a shared server and shared hosting.

The hosting provider is responsible for daily operations of the server; they ”manage” the server. The clients are responsible for their own websites.

So far for hosting, what’s the WordPress part about? So what is WordPress? WordPress is a free and open source Content Management System, a CMS. WordPress was released in early 2003 and initially, the CMS was great for building your own blog. But over the years WordPress has become more popular and because it’s open source, many developers and businesses focused on extending WordPress with new functionalities. The result is that today you can build almost any web solution (web sites and web applications) with WordPress as the core. Think of plain websites but also booking websites (hotels, restaurants), database applications, event websites, CRM applications, community sites and much, much more. For every type of solution, many open source and paid solutions (themes and plugins) are available. It is estimated that in 2017/2018 almost 30% of all websites on the internet run on WordPress.

So if we combine hosting Managed Hosting and WordPress it will be obvious that companies that operate as Managed WordPress providers offer both components; they combine shared (or dedicated) servers with Windows, Linux or any other Operating System with the WordPress CMS. A good Managed WordPress Hosting provider makes sure that their servers are optimized to run WordPress. Important aspects of offering a solid Managed WordPress Hosting environment are speed, security, and support.

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