Managed WordPress Platform on Azure Released by WP Engine


Global WordPress hosting provider WP Engine has debuted its Managed WordPress Platform on Microsoft Azure. The new service is meant to fulfill sophisticated IT requirements for scalable performance and certified security for enterprise and SMB organizations. Businesses who have chosen Microsoft may now pick Azure to develop and grow WordPress experiences with WP Engine.

The WP Engine platform is currently accessible on Azure to all companies in the U.S. and the Netherlands. It will be extended into additional regions throughout 2023 to support more international clients.

“Working with Microsoft on an Azure-based offering helps us deliver on our promise to be the world’s most trusted WordPress platform for businesses around the world,” said WP Engine Chairwoman and CEO Heather Brunner. “We’re proud to collaborate with Microsoft in powering their Microsoft Stories site, now 7x faster with WP Engine powered by Azure.”

Azure Integration

Ramadass Prabhakar, SVP and CTO at WP Engine
“Wrapping WordPress components in containers makes it easier for teams to use, manage and deploy applications anywhere,” said Ramadass Prabhakar, SVP and CTO at WP Engine.

The partnership between WP Engine and Microsoft officially began in 2018 when Microsoft decided to run its Microsoft Stories website – a source of news, events, press materials, and feature stories – on the WP Engine platform.

In 2021, the Microsoft and WP Engine teams already collaborated to completely integrate the WP Engine platform with Microsoft Azure as a result of rising content demand and the simplification of internal web procedures.

“WP Engine on Azure paves the way for Microsoft partners and customers to publish their own WordPress sites at scale,” said Sean McKenna, Director of Product, Azure Kubernetes Service at Microsoft. “The WP Engine platform integration with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) creates a powerful software solution that natively supports dynamic websites built on WordPress.”

Containerized Solutions for WordPress

WP Engine claims that the most mission-critical and popular websites in the world will now be adopting WordPress due to WP Engine’s platform innovation. According to WP Engine itself, it would be the quickest of all WordPress service providers. Several well-known companies, including Microsoft’s own WordPress properties and B&G Foods, Sealy, Fullerton Fund Management, Invest Puerto Rico, Markant, and eBay, are users of WP Engine.

With this new service, WP Engine says it is able to further enhance enterprise-grade speed, dependability, and security by integrating its cutting-edge platform technology with Microsoft Azure. Engineers can move the platform to AKS without making any significant code changes because to the solution’s usage of Kubernetes for containers.

“Wrapping WordPress components in containers makes it easier for teams to use, manage and deploy applications anywhere,” said Ramadass Prabhakar, Senior Vice President and CTO at WP Engine. “This modern design approach is an example of how containers can be leveraged to build a portable architecture.”

According to WP Engine, their new service would provide a great WordPress experience for developers, IT specialists, and marketers who want to build and expand contemporary websites on WordPress by fusing the agility and speed of the WP Engine platform with the global reach of Microsoft Azure.