ManageEngine Now Supports Exchange Server Monitoring

ManageEngine, a provider of real-time virtual server monitoring and IT management, has announced support for Microsoft Exchange monitoring in the latest build of its web-based Exchange reporting tool, Exchange Reporter Plus.

microsoft-exchangeManageEngine’s Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based reporting, analysis and auditing solution for Exchange servers. Through its 100+ reports, the software would offer profound insight into every aspect of Exchange email infrastructure.

Available immediately, the new feature facilitates real-time tracking of key activities within the Exchange environment and provides administrative insights into the organization. As a result, ManageEngine’s users would now be able to analyze Exchange activities with greater efficiency and devise strategies for effective Microsoft Exchange management.

Key features of ManageEngine’s Exchange Monitoring solution would include:

  • Helps monitor three key components of the Microsoft Exchange environment: database availability groups (DAGs), servers and databases
  • Runs individual PowerShell command-lets (cmdlet) for each event or activity that occurs within the purview of the Exchange reporting tool
  • Reports each activity recorded within a manually configurable collection interval
  • Uses a dashboard to display Exchange data formulated into meaningful parameters such as message latency, Exchange search time, MAPI latency and many more to help analyze trends in Exchange activities

“The new Exchange monitoring feature enables real-time monitoring of Exchange components and presents data in a comprehensive format,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, director of program management, ManageEngine. “The user-friendly interface aids easy configuration of data gathering, which helps in generation of live and historical monitoring data. The feature allows you to monitor critical components of your Exchange environment. And in case of a compromised component, the user shall receive an immediate alert.”

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