Managing a Renderfarm on GCP Using OpenCue (Cloud Next '19)

In collaboration with Sony Pictures Imageworks, Google recently released OpenCue, an open source, high-performance render manager built specifically for the needs of the visual effects and animation industry.

In this session, Greg Denton, Software Engineer, joins Brennan Doyle, Solutions Architect, to introduce the tool and provide a live demonstration of building and managing a render farm on GCP.

We will demonstrate a pipeline for deploying render farm resources on GCP using Docker, Compute Engine, Container Registry, CloudSQL and a combination of Cloud Storage products. We’ll also explore OpenCue’s interface and discuss its ability to manage a variety of job types and dependencies while managing priorities amongst the various competing resources of a typical Render Farm deployment.

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Speaker(s): Brennan Doyle, Greg Denton

Session ID: CMP211
product:Compute Engine; fullname:Greg Denton,Brennan Doyle;

Duration: 31:35
Publisher: Google Cloud
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