Managing Highly Available and Scalable Workloads on VMs (Cloud Next '19)

In this session, you will learn how to reduce manual effort in deploying and maintaining software on groups of VM instances with help of managed instance groups. Starting with a simple Docker container deployment, you will see how you can build up to a scalable, highly available service. Then we’ll show you how to roll out a new software version automatically by configuring the update for testing, safety, speed, maintenance, or minimal disruption. You will also learn how to configure an autoscaled pool of worker VMs for batch processing tasks, scaled based on queue length.

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Speaker(s): Mykola Komarevskyy, Cezary Piekacz

Session ID: CMP101
product:Compute Engine,GCE – Managed Instance Groups,GCE – Autoscaler,GCE – Recommendations; fullname:Mykola Komarevskyy,Cezary Piekacz;

Duration: 45:22
Publisher: Google Cloud
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