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Cloud environments & Kubernetes are becoming more and more expensive to operate and manage and increasingly harder to secure. In this demo-rich Tech-Talk, Mirantis and ARMO will demonstrate how to easily scan Kubernetes configurations, Container Vulnerabilities, and configure Role-Based-Access-Control.

Join the Tech-Talk to learn how to easily scan and fix Kubernetes configurations via AMRO’s Kubescape extension for Lens Desktop.

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0:00 – Introductions & agenda
3:10 – The Kubernetes Challenge
5:01 – The Kubernetes Solution: Mirantis Lens
7:56 – Live Demo: see Lens in Action
17:00 – A quick overview of Kubescape by ARMO
26:39 – Live Q&A: can Kubescape be used in a Bare Metal cluster?
27:08 – Live Q&A: how do you handle automated credential rotation in containerized Apps?
28:11 – Live Demo: Kubescape Lens Extension
37:36 – Live Q&A: is Kubescape also available for Lens Personal/Open Lens?
39:06 – Live Q&A: in which domain are you looking to improve Kubescape?
40:53 – Live Q&A: can we see how to generate the text report from Kubescape?
43:05 – Outro

Duration: 00:45:41
Publisher: Mirantis
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