MapR Converged Data Platform Now Available in CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

MapR has announced the availability of its MapR Converged Data Platform in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace. With CenturyLink’s new Blueprint for MapR, joint customers would be able to quickly and easily deploy a cloud configuration leveraging Hadoop, Spark and other big data technologies for managing, analyzing and acting on data in real-time. 

Server provisioning, OS and software configuration, as well as application installation are all scripted into CenturyLink Cloud Blueprints. CenturyLink’s orchestration software would make it easy for customers to deploy solutions, reducing operational support costs and speeding time to implementation. Joint customers can now deploy a MapR configuration in the cloud in a couple of clicks. 

mapr technologiesThe MapR Converged Data Platform would ensure production success with an architecture designed specifically for business-critical applications, seamless data access and integration, and the ability to run both operational and analytical processing and applications in real-time, reliably on one platform.

“Open-source software is a vital part of any cloud native workload, especially for analytical workloads at scale,” said David Shacochis, vice president of platform enablement, CenturyLink. “We’re excited about the value MapR brings to our customers with its converged data management platform – packaging open-source technologies like Spark and Hadoop into an enterprise-ready solution. It’s easy for CenturyLink users to get started with new open-source technologies on the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace, and MapR is a great example of our growing software ecosystem.”

MapR has teamed up with industry leading cloud service providers. In addition to CenturyLink, the MapR Converged Data Platform is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Google Compute Platform. 

“We are pleased to now offer the MapR Converged Data Platform through the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace,” said Steve Wooledge, vice president, product marketing, MapR Technologies. “We continue to expand our partnerships and provide the most cloud options on the market for organizations interested in deploying a powerful platform for handling a wide range of real-time global data applications. Our customers have realized tremendous business value from the unparalleled performance, reliability, data protection, disaster recovery and multi-tenancy features we bring to the cloud.”