MapR Updates M7 Edition to Turbocharge Apache HBase Application Performance

hadoop-hosting-mapr-m7Hadoop technology supplier MapR Technologies, Inc., has updated its M7 edition to dramatically improve Apache HBase application performance with throughput that is 4 to 10 times faster while eliminating latency spikes.

MapR’s high performance M7 platform is able to address one of the major issues for on-line HBase applications, consistent read latencies in the less than 20 millisecond range across varying workloads. The MapR M7 edition is available now for download for on-premise use as well as for cloud deployments with Amazon EMR and the Google Cloud Platform.

MapR would bring unprecedented dependability and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified Big Data platform. “MapR provides consistent reliability that is essential to our business and takes HBase performance and manageability to a whole new level,” said Scott Russmann, director of software engineering at managed security service provider Solutionary, a company headquartered in Omaha, NE. “With MapR, our systems can survive failures, all while running in production with no down time. MapR absolutely broke out as an innovator in the Hadoop world.”

MapR is able to achieve such performance through innovative features, such as:

  • Architecture that persists table structure at the file-system layer.
  • No compactions (I/O storms) for HBase applications.
  • Workload-aware splits for HBase applications.
  • Direct writes to disk (vs. writing to an external file system).
  • Disk and network compression.
  • C++ implementation that does not suffer from garbage collection problems seen with Java applications.

MapR Establishes Japan Office

The Hadoop technology company has also announced the establishment of MapR Technologies, Inc. in Japan headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Besides that, it has entered into partnership agreements with systems integrators NS Solutions Corporation and Nautilus Technologies, Inc. to resell MapR’s Distribution for Hadoop and NoSQL in the region. More than fifteen leading businesses in Japan would already have purchased the MapR Distribution, including Recruit Technologies, Inc.

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