MariaDB Replaces MySQL as the Default in Linux Distribution, Debian 9

MariaDB, the company behind one of the fastest growing open source databases, has announced that MariaDB Server replaces MySQL as the default in Debian 9 – a “popular” Linux distribution.

debian osMore than 3.1 million websites globally run on the Debian operating system. Released on June 17, 2017, Debian 9 now includes MariaDB as the default MySQL variant within the distribution and introduces a new mechanism for switching the database to MariaDB from MySQL.

“We are excited to see MariaDB Server as the default in Debian 9,” said Roger Bodamer, Chief Product Officer at MariaDB Corporation. “The MariaDB development team worked closely with the Debian community to make the transition from MySQL to MariaDB seamless, delivering the most stable and secure open source database possible. With Debian’s adoption of MariaDB as its default MySQL variant, we expect further growth and engagement from our global community, which now has a reach of more than 60 million developers.”

MariaDB can be deployed anywhere – on premise, or in a public or private cloud.

Users can have immediate access to advanced MariaDB Server features, including additional storage engines via MariaDB’s extensible architecture, speed improvements and a “truly” open source model.

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