Marvell Expands Its Cloud-Optimized CXL Portfolio by Acquiring Tanzanite

Marvell Technology (NASDAQ: MRVL) has completed an all-cash acquisition of Tanzanite Silicon Solutions, a developer of sophisticated Compute Express Link (CXL) technology. Marvell’s ongoing data center investments, especially in its CXL solutions, have increased the company’s addressable market, allowing it to develop one of the industry’s most complete portfolios of cloud-optimized silicon solutions.

Existing server designs would encounter several memory scalability issues and would be unable to efficiently share memory resources. Simultaneously, workloads like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, and large-scale search, as well as the rise of the metaverse, are putting pressure on cloud memory performance and composability. According to Marvell, new cloud data center architectures will be facilitated by silicon components based on CXL, an industry standard for linking CPUs, accelerators, and memory.

Photo Dan Christman, EVP, Storage Products Group, Marvell
“We believe that CXL will be a significant game-changer in enabling optimal resource utilization in next generation data centers,” said Dan Christman, EVP, Storage Products Group, Marvell.

Tanzanite has established substantial experience in CXL technology, which would help accelerate Marvell’s vision of completely composable cloud infrastructure. CXL would be integral to the company’s data center portfolio of compute, electro-optics, networking, security, and storage. The benefits of CXL would include infrastructure agility to instantly allocate resources tailored to workload requirements, resulting in improved utilization and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

“We believe that CXL will be a significant game-changer in enabling optimal resource utilization in next generation data centers, and the acquisition of Tanzanite advances our abilities to address our customers’ most challenging issues,” said Dan Christman, executive vice president, Storage Products Group, Marvell. “Marvel’s investment underscores our commitment to deliver on the promise of CXL across our industry-leading cloud portfolio spanning compute, electro-optics, networking, security and storage.”

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The transaction is scheduled to conclude in the second quarter of this fiscal year, subject to the fulfilment of standard closing conditions, including shareholder approval.

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“We are excited to see our vision for CXL leadership take a leap forward as part of Marvell, a company that is renowned for its customer-focused innovation,” said Shalesh Thusoo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Tanzanite. “CXL technologies offer a unique value proposition for a multitude of use cases and are helping shape the next generation composable data center. I’d like to thank our industry partners for their unwavering support and the entire Tanzanite team for their dedication and commitment in pioneering this technology and enabling us to achieve this milestone today.”

According to Marvell, the future cloud data center will be created using CXL technology and will require more high-speed interconnection than ever before, as well as efficient computing, networking, memory, security, and storage chipset solutions.

“The CXL standard will play a significant role in helping the industry deliver fully composable infrastructure for the cloud,” said Noam Mizrahi, Corporate Chief Technology Officer at Marvell. “The integration of CXL across our end-to-end, cloud-optimized silicon portfolio will bring new levels of data center efficiency, scalability and flexibility to power emerging metaverse and next generation AI applications.

Marvell’s comprehensive portfolio of cloud offerings includes high-speed Alaska active electrical cable (AEC) PAM4 DSPs and Ethernet PHYs; Bravera SSD and HDD controllers; Inphi PAM4 electro-optics; COLORZ data center interconnects (DCIs); OCTEON data processor units (DPUs) for security, offload, and acceleration; Teralynx Ethernet switches; custom Arm-based server CPUs; and full custom ASICs.