Maximizing microservices with Apigee and Istio service mesh

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API management enables enterprises to extend the value of microservices to external teams with security, visibility and control. Learn how to manage service interactions across container and VM based workloads, how to expose one or more services as APIs by adding API management capabilities via Istio’s native configuration mechanism, Istio’s Mixer plugin model to add new rules and policies, how to add Istio to Apigee installation, and then move microservices into the service mesh.

0:00 – Intro
8:22 – Intro to Istio
21:14 – Isto Demo
26:46 – Why Apigee with Istio
35:41 – Apigee with Istio Demo
48:00 – Q&A

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Product: Apigee; fullname: Vijay Sairam Pratap, Nandan Sridhar, Scott Ganyo;

Duration: 00:50:03
Publisher: Google Cloud
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