MCoreLab Unveils Its New Suite of Cloud Server Software, MCoreCloud

MCoreLab, a company headquartered in Reno, Nevada, has introduced its new cloud server software suite, MCoreCloud. This new software suite would deliver high performance to meet the exploding demands on Internet/cloud server infrastructure.

“MCoreCloud provides unparalleled competitive advantages,” said Elaine Wang, chief executive officer (CEO) of MCoreLab. “It pushes forward the boundary of possibilities for the next generation of Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, as well as new generations of enterprise applications and cloud applications that demand true real-time capabilities.”

MCoreCloud is available on both Linux and Windows. The MCoreCloud cloud server software suite would provide:

  • Low latency – On the front end through the MCoreCloud Application Server. MCoreCloud measures latency in microseconds, compared to legacy servers where latencies are milliseconds, even seconds.
  • Greater capacity – to handle real-time data, and faster response time, with the MCoreCloud In-Memory Cache/Data Server.
  • Fast TCP/IP network stack – on standard Ethernet with the MCoreCloud network stack.

cloud servers mcorelab“The huge amount of real-time data and exploding number of devices that stream real-time demand dramatic improvements in latency and throughput in a scalable platform,” added Elaine Wang. “MCoreCloud is a server platform integrated with real-application high-performance network that incorporates true advancements in system software to deliver on the promise of high performance.” 

The MCoreCloud Application Server and MCoreCloud In-Memory Cache/Data Server can be deployed independently, or deployed together to deliver higher performance across an entire system. The Application Server includes a “high performance” HTTP web application server and “ultra high-performance” Websocket, with scalability to handle the rapidly increasing number of client connections driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) and automated clients and agents.

The MCoreCloud In-Memory Cache/Data Server is wire protocol compatible with memcached and can be used to replace existing memcache servers transparently. The MCoreCloud suite would also provide a rich set of samples that showcase real application systems, the new architecture and how to build “next-generation” systems.

MCoreCloud is the only technology on the market that provides the real solution to the challenges of real-time responsiveness,” added Wang. “It opens a new horizon of possibilities for the entire web and cloud cluster.”