Megaport Deploys Its SDN-Based interconnection Services in EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Centers

Megaport, a global provider of “elastic” interconnection services, will deploy its SDN-based (Software Defined Network) “elastic” interconnection services in EdgeConneX’s Edge Data Centers (EDCs) across North America and Europe.

With Megaport, EdgeConneX’s enterprise customers would gain scalable, private and direct connections to the world’s most popular cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) and more.

Megaport’s “high-speed” connectivity services within EdgeConneX ‘s EDCs would provide additional options for companies requiring “the most direct, cost-effective, reliable and secured” access to their preferred cloud-based platforms.

megaport sdn interconnection“By deploying Megaport’s dynamic and elastic interconnection platform throughout EdgeConneX’s global Edge Data Centers, we are leveling the playing field for today’s burgeoning enterprises that exist outside of core markets, while transforming previously underserved regions into prime connectivity points,” said Clint Heiden, chief commercial officer (CCO), EdgeConneX. “Providing full access to the cloud, this latest partnership between EdgeConneX and Megaport will empower businesses to expand and innovate, leveraging the fastest and most secure cloud connectivity options available.”

EDCs are purpose-built to enable the distribution of content, cloud and applications at the Edge. EdgeConneX’s facilities would enable extremely high power densities while its simplified per kW pricing is designed to support the needs of the Internet’s fastest-growing users. Every EDC is capable of 20+kW per rack or cabinet and 600 watts per square foot. EdgeConneX’s U.S. operating model and facilities are SOC 2 Type 2, PCI-DSS and HIPAA-certified annually. In addition, all EDC locations also offer fiber diversity, including network, building access, conduit system and carrier.

“It’s important for enterprises to have readily available access to cloud services providers,” said Nicole Cooper, EVP, North America, Megaport. “Megaport’s alliance with EdgeConneX is a major milestone in the mission toward enhanced connectivity at the Edge of the network, bringing direct cloud access where it’s needed most.  Our advanced SDN [Software Defined Network] and robust provider ecosystem are driving cloud adoption throughout the enterprise community.  With these tools, we are looking forward to providing EdgeConneX customers with the necessary means to achieve fast and reliable connectivity to mission-critical cloud services.”