Megaport Releases New Partner Program Designed to Make NaaS Connectivity Easy

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Global Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider, Mepaport, has released its Megaport PartnerVantage program. It’s a new partner program designed to make it easier for data center operators, managed service providers (MSPs), value added resellers (VARs), systems integrators (SIs), agents, and other technology providers to deliver Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) connectivity to their clients.

Megaport offers cloud connectivity, virtual routing, and edge networking to its partners. Through the Megaport PartnerVantage program, Megaport’s partners would be able to manage all of their client engagements, from quote to provisioning and billing, through a single pane of glass, thanks to the program’s extensive array of tools and resources. Megaport PartnerVantage was created to eliminate friction in the partner sales process, allowing partners to focus on providing strategic value to their clients.

“Our partners are vital to our business, our customers’ success, and our long-term growth goals,” said Rodney Foreman, Chief Revenue Officer, Megaport. “Megaport PartnerVantage represents a significant milestone in delivering on our promise to our partners to help drive their long-term growth. Reducing the time and complexity of connecting to cloud and service endpoints accelerates digital transformation initiatives and increases revenue opportunities for both our partners and our customers. We worked closely with our partners on the development of this program to ensure PartnerVantage will help them achieve their goals while making it simple to work with Megaport. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with them to help drive their success.”

The following partner resources will be included in the Megaport PartnerVantage program:

  • VantageHub – a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform that serves as a single, integrated gateway for partners to manage and drive Megaport client relationships
  • VantageTransact – Customers will be able to self-provision and manage Megaport services on demand using this partner transactional site
  • VantageFunds – financial incentives, such as front-end discounts, commissions, and marketing development money, that will let partners monitor and manage the benefits they’re receiving (MDF)
  • VantageSelling – Partner Account Managers and Partner Solutions Architects provide dedicated sales assistance
  • VantageLearn – Modules for on-demand training that will give flexible learning courses to help partners improve their sales, technical, and support capabilities
  • VantageMarketing – Co-branded toolkits, campaigns, battlecards, and other marketing materials will be provided to partners to assist them generate demand

Megaport PartnerVantage will have two tiers, Prestige and Preferred, with varying financial, training, and marketing criteria that will result in increased cash rewards as well as extra selling and marketing tools. The program is intended to assist partners in achieving long-term customer success through digital transformation and cloud activities.

“We have partnered closely with Megaport since delivering Service Exchange together in 2016 and look forward to continuing our collaboration in providing flexible, open connectivity solutions to address the complex digital transformation challenges of our enterprise customers,” said Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Digital Realty. “We share a common vision of the power of open interconnection for unlocking trapped value in digital business, as we partner to build the industry’s largest open fabric of fabrics. Our participation in Megaport PartnerVantage will further enable connected data communities around the world to innovate upon a foundation of modernized, agile interconnection.”