Megaport’s NFV Service Enhances Branch-to-Cloud Connectivity with Versa SASE

Global Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provider Megaport has announced the availability of Versa Secure SD-WAN (part of Versa SASE) on Megaport Virtual Edge. Versa Secure SD-WAN with MVE enables branch-to-cloud connectivity on Megaport’s global Software Defined Network (SDN).

Photo Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Megaport
“Having Versa Secure SD-WAN integrated into Megaport’s Software Defined Network also allows our customers to optimize their SD-WAN connectivity,” said Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Megaport.

In order to simplify their IT networking, several companies have adopted SD-WAN and Internet connections. Dependence on end-to-end Internet access, however, can have impacts on performance, availability and security. The Versa Secure SD-WAN now available from Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) enables users to host localized virtual SD-WAN on Megaport’s global platform, through VOSTM (Versa Operating System), and reduce distance data crossing over Internet paths from branches to key service providers on private or public clouds and even other branches.

Upon connection, users are enabled to access an ecosystem of over 700 operated data centers, including 230+ cloud on-ramps from leading clouds such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Salesforce Solutions.

“We’re thrilled to provide customers the ability to improve edge network connectivity, by hosting Versa Secure SD-WAN edge routers around the world on Megaport’s global Network as a Service platform,” said Vincent English, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Megaport. “Having Versa Secure SD-WAN integrated into Megaport’s Software Defined Network also allows our customers to optimize their SD-WAN connectivity to improve overall network and application performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional networking.”

Key features of Versa Secure SD-WAN on MVE include:

  • Cloud on-ramp expenses reduced in comparison with Internet charges for cloud egress
  • Improved performance with reduced jitter and latency
  • Globally distributed for localized connections
  • Point-and-click network provisioning to facilitate the connectivity of branch sites, data centers, cloud providers and IT services
  • Real-time provisioning of virtual network infrastructure and interconnections
  • No hardware to ship, install, or manage
  • Unified supply and administration of end-to-end networks to transform legacy networks
  • Secure, multicloud connectivity to over 360 service providers, over 700+ data centers enabled and over 230+ cloud links

“Our collaboration with Megaport provides customers a unique way to deploy intelligent, high-speed network connectivity from distributed enterprise locations to the cloud,” said Rahul Vaidya, Senior Product Manager with Versa Networks. “As part of our industry-leading Versa SASE services, the integration of Versa Secure SD-WAN with Megaport Virtual Edge will further help organizations transform their network edge with secure, scalable, and reliable enterprise-wide networking increasing multicloud application performance and dramatically driving down costs.”

Networking at the Edge

Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) is a computing and network service delivered internationally. The computational element of the service enables clients to accommodate and manage NFV instances in places where they require them. NFV (network function virtualization) is a notion of network design that employs virtualization technology to virtualize whole classes of network node functions into building blocks which may link or chain them together to develop communications services.

On the network side, the MVE integrated transit gateway provides a highly scalable access point to Megaport’s private SDN for networking over the public Internet. MVE-hosted, virtualized devices can use a transit gateway to link Megaport SDN and its own networks, including branch sites, data centers and private clouds.

MVE may be found in North America, Asia-Pacific and in Europe in 22 metros. It enables companies to employ virtual Versa Secure SD-WAN devices close to user concentrations for traffic localization, network security, cloud disbursements, and data termination optimization.