Meiqia: Build a Global Low-Latency Custom Service SaaS Platform Based on AWS [Mandarin]

In this episode of This is My Architecture –, JinQiu Yu explains how to create a global custom service SaaS platform based on AWS services. He also shares technical details about fulfilling worldwide low-latency access with Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53.

Host: Wei Zhao, Solution Architect, AWS
Customer: JinQiu Yu, Technical Ops Leader, Meiqia

Title: 打造基于AWS的全球化低延时客服SaaS平台

Description: 在本次的 This is My Architecture 中,俞进秋介绍了美洽如何利用AWS的全球化部署打造全球化的客服服务SaaS平台,并具体介绍了借助于route53和cloudfront满足全球化的低延时服务的需求。

Host: 赵伟,AWS 合作伙伴解决方案架构师
Customer: 俞进秋, 技术保障负责人

Duration: 8:49
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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