Mellanox Technologies Introduces its 100Gb/s Smart Switch, Switch-IB 2

Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ:MLNX), a supplier of interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, has launched Switch-IB 2 – the new generation of its InfiniBand switch optimized for High-Performance Computing (HPC), Web 2.0, database and cloud data centers, capable of 100Gb/s per port speeds.

Switch-IB 2 offloads MPI operations from the CPU to the network to deliver “10 times” performance improvements. The new switch solution from Mellanox Technologies would enable a performance breakthrough in building the next generation scalable and data intensive data centers.

“The needs of applications across high performance computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, and hyperscale markets are relentless,” said Addison Snell, CEO, Intersect360 Research. “The EDR 100Gb/s speed and smart-switch technology in Switch-IB 2 target the trends we see across the industry to improve system efficiency and scale. With its co-design architecture approach, Mellanox is taking the necessary steps in pursuit of the scalability and performance required at the forefront of discovery and innovation, for both research and business.”

hpc-switch-networkingSwitch-IB 2 integrates 144 SerDes “which can operate at 1Gb/s to 25Gb/s speeds per lane and delivers 7.02 billion messages-per-second, 90ns switch latency and low power consumption.” This would make it a suitable solution for high-performance computing (HPC), cloud hosting, Web 2.0, database and storage centers.

“The demands of today’s high-performance computing, cloud and web applications threaten to outstrip the capabilities of the networks they run on,” said Glenn Keels, executive director, Dell Engineered Solutions & Cloud. “Dell’s mission is to provide solutions that solve the challenges of tomorrow, not just today. We work with Mellanox on innovative, forward-thinking products, such as Switch-IB 2, to ensure that our solutions enable our customers to meet their goals of unleashing new discoveries and accelerating innovation, whether that be real-time data analytics, business intelligence, or scientific research.”

Application Performance

mellanox-technologiesCollective operations, commonly used in HPC communication protocols such as MPI and SHMEM, have implications on overall application performance and scale. Mellanox Technologies’ Switch-IB 2 enables the switch to manage collective communications using embedded hardware. Switch-IB 2 would decrease the amount of data traversing the network, reduce application latency with additional benefit of freeing up CPU resources for computation rather than using them to process communication. 

“Enterprises large and small are struggling to keep pace with rapidly increasing demands for high-performance computing resources,” said Scott Misage, vice president and general manager, High Performance Computing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “HPE Apollo servers with the Mellanox’s EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand solutions can provide customers with the scalable, highly efficient and performance-based HPC systems needed to solve the world’s most difficult scientific, engineering and data analysis problems.”