Mercado Libre: Streamlined Application Delivery at Mercado Livre with DevOps [Spanish]

In this episode of This Is My Architecture (, Gabriel Eisburch, Senior Infrastructure Manager, explains how Mercado Libre is helping their developer to focus more on their products and less about infrastructure, using their one-stop shop tool Fury, which leverages infrastructure-as-code and AWS APIs to set up and deploy in a couple minutes a new application stack in their account. Using EC2, VPC, CloudWatch, Auto Scaling Groups and other APIs, Mercado Libre can easily interact with their stack and implement features like Blue/Green deployment out of the box, making it quick and easy to rollback to a previous version of an application if something goes wrong. This architecture allows Mercado Libre to perform more than 1700 deployments per day, giving the freedom that developers need to deliver great new features and business value to their applications.

Host: Damian Traverso, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS
Customer: Gabriel Eisburch, Senior Infrastructure Manager, Mercado Libre

Duration: 5:38
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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