Meridian Group International and Skytap Enter Into Global Alliance Partnership

IBM - Skytap

Meridian Group International, a global provider of IBM Power consulting, implementation, and managed services, has announced a strategic relationship with Skytap, a global provider of cloud-based IBM Power workloads. Clients may more quickly transition their IBM Power workloads from on-premises to the cloud as a result of the cooperation, allowing them to use contemporary development techniques and incorporate new cloud architectures.

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Photo John Wrobel, Skytap Chief Revenue Officer
“By combining the respective expertise of Skytap and Meridian, we can smooth the transition and better help our customers reap the benefits of cloud migration,” said John Wrobel, Skytap Chief Revenue Officer.

The certified IBM Power and cloud architects at Meridian consult with customers to create a cloud architecture that serves best for the unique workloads and business requirements of clients. Skytap’s technology offers high-performance IBM Power infrastructure, integrated with scalability and flexibility of the public cloud.

Businesses can now migrate their traditional IBM Power, IBM i (AS/400), and AIX workloads running on IBM Power to run natively on public cloud with the help of Meridian and Skytap. Meridian has been architecting, deploying, and managing IBM Power environments worldwide since the year 1992. The company started supporting cloud deployments in 2010.

The partnership would allow clients to rapidly modify memory and CPW or get it added dynamically with zero disruption to their business. Clients would get cost-efficient monitoring and management of their cloud workloads and with Meridian’s service. Customers are also pulled out of the inflexible capital expense model of purchasing and managing hardware so that they can target strategic functions.

Meridian’s migration service for Skytap on Azure is built around proven methodologies created from more than 30 years of IBM Power expertise. Currently, Skytap and Meridian integrate to help customers outclass their challenges regarding legacy technology and provide the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud and the expertise and support from industry’s popular Managed Services provider.

Meridian Official’s Take

President Meridian IT North America and Meridian’s Global Programs leader, Tim DeLisle said that the organization is excited to collaborate with Skytap for bringing the offerings to their clients on a worldwide scale. He further added that Skytap offers the capability to take benefit of IBM Power compute resources similar to their on-premises existence along with the flexibility and scalability of public cloud. He ended his statement by saying that with Meridian’s expertise in IBM Power in integration to the experience in migrating more IBM workloads to Azure than any other global system integrator, customers will have a single solution for cloud infrastructure and all the stuff related to IBM Power.

Skytap Official’s Take

Skytap’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), John Wrobel, said that for various organizations that are dependent on IBM Power for mission-critical workloads, it would be a compelling proposition to have a simple, faster path to the public cloud that has low risks. He said at the end that by integration of the respective expertise of Meridian and Skytap, the organizations can smoothen the transition and help the customers take the leverage of cloud migration in a better way.