Metacloud Hires Former Google Manager as VP of Operations

Metacloud, Inc., a provider of OpenStack-based private cloud hosting for some of the world’s largest enterprises, has announced that Conner Grey, Google’s former head of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)  for Southern California, has joined the company as the vice president of operations.

private-cloud-hosting-metacloudIn his new role, Grey will be responsible for heading up the scalability architecture of Metacloud’s global network of enterprise private cloud hosting solutions.

Grey was with Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) organization in Southern California for most of a decade, where he was responsible for ensuring the scalability and security of Google’s most revenue-critical ad optimization services. This meant building and running the large scale, massively distributed, fault-tolerant software systems and infrastructure that ensure Google’s services are fast and reliable for billions of users.

20 years of operations experience

“I have boundless respect for Google’s role as one of the early pioneers of what we’ve since come to call cloud hosting, but I was excited to join a company with a modern take on bringing the lessons learned by those early efforts to a much broader array of users,” said Conner Grey. “I believe that Metacloud has created the best model for bringing the theoretical benefits of cloud computing into the real world. The team at Metacloud is of the absolutely highest caliber I have ever seen. They are brilliant, dedicated, focused, and practical: exactly the type of people that I want to have on my side.”

Prior to his engagement at Google, Mr. Grey was with Yahoo! for five years, where he worked as a senior systems engineer. In all, he has 20 years of operations experience at a series of iconic Southern California tech companies, from Earthlink and Digital Planet to USWeb and Idealab.