Metalogix ControlPoint 7.0 Wins Cloud Computing Magazine’s Cloud Computing Excellence Award’s Cloud Computing Magazine has named Metalogix’s ControlPoint 7.0 security solution one of its Cloud Computing Excellence Award winners. The magazine’s Cloud Computing Excellence Award winners represent companies that are leading the charge in driving cloud education and adoption, allowing their customers to grow their businesses through cloud-based capabilities.

Announced in November 2015, Metalogix ControlPoint 7.0 was designed in direct response to an outcry from customers for a solution that would enable them to eliminate SharePoint security vulnerabilities and protect all of their data from the relentless threat of a data breach.

ControlPoint 7.0 delivers advanced technologies such as its patented real-time machine-learning engine that not only pinpoints suspicious behavior and unauthorized access, but remedies the situation – up to and including user lock-out.

microsoft-sharepointAdditional enhanced capabilities across permissions, auditing, reporting and governance would build upon its already robust feature set, including the ability to automate site provisioning, enforce consistent site settings and user experiences and speed up administration tasks.

“While a powerful collaboration tool, SharePoint’s inherent security vulnerabilities have seriously exacerbated the risks and challenges being faced by IT organizations around the world,” said Trevor Hellebuyck, Chief Technology Officer for Product Management and Architecture, Metalogix. “With ControlPoint 7.0, SharePoint administrators can rest easier confident in the knowledge that they now have the insight and proactive management necessary to detect and protect against threats coming from inside or outside of the organization.”

“We are indeed honored to have been named a Cloud Computing Excellence Award winner,” added Mr. Hellebuyck. “We believe it is a testament not only to ControlPoint 7.0’s innovative and proven capabilities, but to the world-class talent, experience and unyielding dedication of the Metalogix product team.”

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