Meter Feeder: Street Parking Made Easy

Meter Feeder is a product of Onelife Media, a software company based in Pittsburgh, PA, with 30+ years of combined software and product development experience focusing on Mobile, Commerce, Media, Medical, and Security. The Meter Feeder app makes it easy to pay for parking from you Smart Phone with participating parking meter companies. Local businesses can validate customer parking through the Meter Feeder validation tools, providing customers the treatment they expect from larger companies with dedicated parking lots.

In this video, Daniel Lopretto, Co-founder & CTO and James Gibbs, Co-founder & President of Meter Feeder talk with Rackspace about their app that allows you to pay for parking from your Smart Phone, using GPS technology, a Hybrid app development and ObjectRocket. Not needing to worry about the server infrastructure with Rackspace Managed Cloud is very important to the Meter Feeder dev team.

Duration: 3:17
Publisher: Rackspace
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