Microsoft Azure Brazil Region Now Available In Public Preview

In a blog post, General Manager Steven Martin of Microsoft Azure has announced that its Azure Brazil South region, located in Sao Paulo state, is now available in public preview and will transition to general availability in the coming weeks.

“We’re pleased to provide a significant number of services in this region and network availability that is on par with the industry in the local market,” said Steven Martin. “We look forward to offering additional services and increasing network redundancy at general availability consistent with our regions around the world.”

Geo Redundant Storage

azure-brazilWith this public preview of Microsoft Azure in Brazil, customers in the region will experience better performance through reduced latency, and have the option to maintain three copies of their data in country through Locally Redundant Storage (LRS). However, if customers prefer Geo Redundant Storage (GRS), which is the default option, their data will be replicated to Microsoft Azure’s  US South Central region.

Microsoft Azure’s website has been updated to provide information on this service availability and pricing in the Brazil South region. During the preview period, Azure services will be discounted but no service level agreements (SLAs) will be offered.

The announcement follows the Azure Japan Geo launch in February and the recent launch of Azure in China, operated by 21Vianet.