Microsoft identity platform’s permissions and consent framework

In this video for developers, Kyle Marsh explains the permissions and consent framework used by the Microsoft identity platform.

Code samples for Microsoft identity platform:
Documentation for Microsoft identity platform:

The code for the sample WPF application Kyle uses can be found here:
The best practices guidance referenced in the video can be found here:

Basics of permissions and scope – 0:39
How Microsoft uses the framework – 9:57
Admin consent – 12:20
Asking for and granting admin consent – 16:05
When to ask for permission – 21:15
Example code and WPF app asking for permission – 23:36
Application versus user permissions – 29:52
Permissions for applications with no user – 32:33
Test your knowledge with a pop quiz! “Cactus Catalog” – 35:33
Best practices – 43:07

Duration: 00:45:08
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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