Microsoft Ignite Recap with Todd Klindt

Microsoft MVP Todd Klindt joins us to recap the latest from last week’s Microsoft Ignite Conference. What’s new? What do you need to change? Todd joins us to share his insights.

Episode 167 : Microsoft Ignite Recap with Todd Klindt

Recorded Live: 10-06-2016

Alan Bush: @alanbush – Community Manager, Rackspace
Drew Cox: @drewcoxsa – Enterprise Technical Advisor, Rackspace
Todd Klindt: @toddklindt – SharePoint Architect, Rackspace

Introduction (00:00)
What is the Ignite conference (01:38)
Todd’s talks at Ignite (03:27)
Identity and Hybrid talks (05:46)
Swag and chickens (07:21)
What Todd learned (13:44)
Upgrade SharePoint (17:38)
SharePoint at Rackspace (25:16)
Expertise at Rackspace (26:52)
Wrap up (31:33)

SharePoint at Racksapce

Todd Klindt’s Blog

5 Reasons to Upgrade to SharePoint 2016

Microsoft Tech Community

Duration: 34:45
Publisher: Rackspace
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