Microsoft Joins Industry-Standard Platform for Cloud Applications, Cloud Foundry Foundation, as Gold Member

Microsoft has joined Cloud Foundry Foundation – home of industry-standard platform for cloud applications – as a Gold Member. With its public cloud platform Azure, Microsoft would bring valuable skills and technology to the open source software community and the foundation.

Over the past few years, Microsoft has increased its engagement with open source projects and communities, including joining the Linux Foundation in November 2016. The company is currently a leading open source contributor on GitHub and has released .NET Core in open source. Cloud Foundry is already a “first-class citizen” on Microsoft Azure. In just the past six months, core usage of Cloud Foundry has increased 300 percent on Azure.

cloud foundry foundation“Microsoft is widely recognized as one of the most important enterprise technology and cloud providers in the world,” said Abby Kearns, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “Cloud Foundry has the greatest number of deployments of any cloud application platform in the enterprise, and is used by most Fortune 500 organizations. We share both a tremendous number of users and a common approach to the enterprise cloud.”

Cloud Foundry is an open source technology backed by the largest technology companies in the world, including Cisco, Dell/EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal, SAP and SUSE, and is being used by leaders in manufacturing, telecommunications and financial services.

“Microsoft and the Cloud Foundry community are deeply aligned around our mutual understanding of enterprise business and technical requirements, and our commitment to help organizations modernize their applications without vendor lock-in,” said Corey Sanders, Partner Director, Microsoft. By joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we will be able to work with members to contribute to Foundation initiatives and bring a wider range of solutions to Microsoft Azure for our customers and the community.”

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