Microsoft Makes Equity Investment in Rubrik to Expand Collaboration

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Microsoft has acquired a stake in Rubrik, a data security startup. Microsoft hopes to further expand its existing collaboration with the company in order to assist businesses secure their systems from viruses with this move.

Rubrik is addressing the most critical data issues for businesses, including ransomware recovery, data automation, and data migration to the cloud. Rubrik and Microsoft have teamed together to provide Zero Trust data security for hybrid cloud settings spanning data center, edge, and cloud, as well as Microsoft 365.

The exact amount of the investment is unknown. Rubrik would be worth around four billion dollars, according to the equity investment made by Microsoft.

This partnership expands on Rubrik and Microsoft’s long-standing partnership, which now supports over 2,000 mutual clients worldwide and hundreds of petabytes of data under Azure management across six continents.

Zero Trust Data Management

Rubrik uses a Zero Trust approach to data management, according to the NIST Zero Trust principles for everyone who interacts with data. This entails working on the assumption that no one, application, or gadget can be trusted. Data must be inherently immutable to avoid being changed, encrypted, or erased by ransomware in order to fulfill this criterion.

Enterprises may retrieve their data after an attack using Zero Trust Data Management architecture and avoid paying a ransom. Rubrik and Microsoft will work together to assist businesses manage hybrid and multi-cloud data security and protect themselves from growing ransomware attacks.

“As the pioneer of Zero Trust Data Management, Rubrik is helping the world’s leading organizations manage their data and recover from ransomware,” said Bipul Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of Rubrik. “Together with Microsoft, we are delivering tightly integrated data protection while accelerating and simplifying our customer’s journey to the cloud.”

Microsoft 365

Photo Bipul Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of Rubrik
“Together with Microsoft, we are delivering tightly integrated data protection while accelerating and simplifying our customer’s journey to the cloud,” said Bipul Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of Rubrik.

Rubrik data management was built from the ground up to work in the cloud. Clients and partners would benefit from enhanced data security as a result of this cooperation, ensuring that essential Microsoft 365 data is safe, readily discoverable, and always available in the event of a malicious attack, ransomware attack, accidental loss, or damage. Rubrik also provides extra support and security for Microsoft 365, such as fast search and restore and scalable policy administration. Rubrik and Microsoft also offer long-term archiving of Microsoft 365 data for regulatory compliance requirements.

Mission-critical applications like SAP, SQL, Oracle, VMware, and corporate NAS workloads can closely integrate security and automation with Azure thanks to Rubrik and Microsoft, which is important as clients accelerate their digital transformation. Rubrik, in collaboration with Microsoft, will assist clients in addressing these goals while also delivering the agility needed to transfer data to the cloud, increase productivity, and optimize resources.

“Customers, across industries, are migrating to the cloud to drive business transformation and realize growth,” said Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft. “End-to-end application and data management is critical to business success, and we believe that integrating Rubrik’s Zero Trust Data Management solutions with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 will make it easy for customers to advance their Zero Trust journey and increase their digital resilience.”

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