Microsoft-Partner 21Vianet Blue Cloud Signs China Distribution Contracts With Four Cloud Service Providers

21vianet-blue-cloud-221Vianet Blue Cloud (21V Blue Cloud), a one-stop operator of cloud services and a strategic partner of Microsoft that operates Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Power BI in China, has entered into distribution agreements with four cloud service providers including Unify Cloud, AvePoint, Agile Point and These new partners have officially authorized 21V Blue Cloud as a distributor of their products and services in mainland China.

According to the distribution agreements with its new partners, 21V Blue Cloud will be responsible for the sales and marketing of their cloud solutions, as well as all related implementation and maintenance services.

21V Blue Cloud’s has turnkey solutions available to help foreign cloud service providers (CSPs) and internet service providers (ISPs) enter the Chinese market. The company would have a strong track record in helping service providers successfully localize their services in the Chinese market. 21V Blue Cloud’s existing partners include BitTitan MigrationWiz, GigaTrust Intelligent Rights Management, and Bespin Intelligent Cloud Management, among others.

The cooperation with its new partners would allow 21V Blue Cloud to provide a more comprehensive range of cloud services, including a complete cloud ecosystem, to customers in China.

21V Blue Cloud’s cloud distribution service offerings include:

  • Cloud operation and management services in China, for international cloud service providers in need of local deployment and implementation services.
  • Localization of operation systems of customer management, contract management, and financial management, as well as localized sales channels to expand the local distribution channels.
  • Constant and comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales customer service systems for cloud service providers.

“With the rapid expansion of the cloud computing market in China, we aim to establish a mature and robust industry ecosystem by utilizing our localization and solution expertise to facilitate and accelerate mutually-beneficial cooperation with cloud solutions service providers,” said Mr. Wenda ‘Wing’ Ke, President of 21V Blue Cloud. “We are pleased to see an increasing number of enterprise users who now have access to stronger and more efficient support and are able to advance their business innovations through our products and services. Going forward, by building upon our competitive advantages and forging close partnerships with more world-class cloud service providers, we will remain committed to making localization easier for all the industry-leading cloud products and ensuring that all the solutions are easily-accessible and safe for users in China.”