Microsoft Unveils New CDN Offering, Microsoft eCDN

Microsoft booth

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of CDN provider Peer5 last year, the vendor has now unveiled its latest content delivery network offering, Microsoft eCDN. With the merger of Peer5 and Microsoft Teams, Microsoft and Peer5 have been working hard over the past year to realize their ambition of bringing this new integrated CDN solution that would improve hybrid workplace communications.

Microsoft eCDN (enterprise content delivery network), a stand-alone offering, is intended to improve live video streaming throughout a business. With an annual membership, this new CDN solution costs $0.50 per user per month at this moment. It uses WebRTC leveraging peer-to-peer streaming technology.

With Microsoft eCDN, organizations can securely live-stream global meetings, all hands and townhalls, and distribute company-wide trainings. As the demand for global engagement and connectivity among employees has grown as a result of hybrid and remote work, many companies would now be using Microsoft Teams as their main platform for video communications and collaboration, placing a significant bandwidth demand on company networks.

Microsoft eCDN is intended to improve network dependability, lessen network saturation, and enable safe, high-quality, massive live video streaming with improved network performance directly in Teams Live Events.

Peer-to-Peer Network

It  simple to deploy and apply Microsoft eCDN widely throughout an organization. As the number of viewers grows, its mesh networks automatically balance themselves. This would offer substantial value for video streaming with Microsoft eCDN, including:

  • Enhanced network reliability – The peer-to-peer network assists in preventing connectivity issues, subpar video quality, and user annoyance while reducing the total burden on corporate networks. Advanced analytics solutions also contain strong, user-friendly tools that support identifying and resolving any network issues both before and during an event, in addition to offering thorough insight into user experience and network performance.
  • Ease of adoption – Neither new installation on user endpoints and devices nor changes to the physical network infrastructure are necessary. This would shorten the deployment process and eliminate the need for additional security requirements.
  • Trusted solution – Peer5 is now developed and operated on Microsoft’s Cloud with Office 365 compliance as a result of its integration into the Microsoft ecosystem, helping to ensure that video material is secured and transmitted to only authorized users. Additionally, this eCDN solution works with any HLS-based third-party video platform (HTTP Live Streaming).

Availability Microsoft eCDN

As a standalone product, Microsoft eCDN is now available for purchase. It may be obtained through bulk licensing, directly from Microsoft via the Microsoft 365 IT Admin Center, or through a number of Microsoft Cloud Partners.