Microsoft Will Not Develop a New Version of Its Free Hyper-V Server Tool

Microsoft is abandoning standalone Hyper-V Server in favor of Azure Stack HCI for VM management. As such, with the introduction of Windows Server 2022, there will be no Hyper-V Server 2022. Administrators are encouraged to utilize Azure Stack HCI instead.

Users may use the Hyper-V Server software to manage virtual machines and create hybrid cloud setups.

The modification was announced in a TechCommunity thread. It immediately spread through an email sent out by backup company Veeam to its forum users, sparking a Reddit post.

Azure Stack HCI

Elden Christensen, a key product manager on Microsoft’s Windows Server development team, in his answers to the TechCommunity post did not dispute that Hyper-V Server was no longer supported.

“Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s premier hypervisor offering for running virtual machines on-premises,” Elden Christensen wrote in a blog post. “Our strategic direction for a hypervisor platform is with Azure Stack HCI, it is a purpose-built hybrid cloud infrastructure solution for running virtual machines.”

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