Microsoft Year in Review

It’s been a big year for both Microsoft and Rackspace. Two of our favorite Microsoft-focused Rackers, Jeff DeVerter and Kent Kingery join us live in the studio to chat about the year that was, and what to expect in 2017.

Episode 173 : Microsoft Year in Review

Recorded Live: 12-1-2016

Alan Bush: @alanbush – Community Manager, Rackspace
Drew Cox: @drewcoxsa – Enterprise Technical Advisor, Rackspace
Jeff DeVerter: @jdeverter – Chief Technologist, Rackspace
Kent Kingery: @kentkingery – Senior Manager, Product Architecture & Engineer, Rackspace

Introductions (00:00-02:46)
Devices (02:47-04:55)
Azure and Microsoft loves Linux (04:56-07:40)
Interoperability (07:41-10:36)
Bash on Windows and PowerShell (11:49-12:59)
Automation (13:00-15:44)
Innovation and progress (15:45-17:15)
Microsoft struggles (17:16-19:31)
Rackspace and Microsoft (19:32-24:44)
Freeing up personnel resources (24:45-29:02)
Power BI (29:03-30:13)
Microsoft conferences and partners (31:31-35:55)
Azure Stack (36:09-40:51)
Developer community and time to market (40:52-44:30)
Training and education (44:31-47:27)
Affordable cutting-edge technology (47:28-48:08)
Wrap up (48:10-50:14)

Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure

Duration: 50:15
Publisher: Rackspace
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