Migrate DDoS Defense to the Cloud: eBay’s Journey With Cloud Armor and Reblaze (Cloud Next '19)

Public facing websites and applications are under constant threat and victims of attacks from an ever changing array of botnets and other automated attacks. Whether attackers’ motivations are DDoS, scraping, or fraudulent transactions, enterprises need to be on constant guard to secure their business and operations. In this session we will walk through Google Cloud’s security solutions at the network edge and deep dive into how Cloud Armor works to protect applications from DDoS and targeted application attacks. Next we will discuss how Reblaze, a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner has leveraged Cloud Armor to build a security and bot management solution from the ground up. Finally, we will learn how eBay has combined GCP, Cloud Armor, and Reblaze solutions to implement their security strategy and hear about their lessons learned.

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Speaker(s): Tzury Bar Yochay, Derek Chamorro, Emil Kiner

Session ID: SEC111
product:Cloud Armor; fullname:Emil Kiner;

Duration: 48:11
Publisher: Google Cloud
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