Migrating from a Monolith to Microservices (Cloud Next '19)

Microservices enable development teams to be more agile, but it’s hard to break up an existing monolithic application or to run many services. Come to see a time-lapse refactoring of a fictional monolithic web application into decoupled services. An incremental approach and GCP serverless products for hosting, communication, and storage come to the rescue.

We will explore how to get started and use best practices for your journey to a low-ops, high-velocity future.

Cloud Run → http://bit.ly/2TSCmFz
Cloud Functions → http://bit.ly/2K63rFD

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Speaker(s): Martin Omander, Adam Ross

Session ID: SVR202
product:Cloud Run,Cloud Functions,Cloud Firestore,Sheets; fullname:Martin Omander,Adam Ross;

Duration: 39:5
Publisher: Google Cloud
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