Migrating from Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes with Kf

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From its outdated pricing model to lack of scalability, Cloud Foundry is a legacy platform that no longer meets the needs of modern applications and services. Transitioning from Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes may seem riddled with complications, however with Kf you can move existing Cloud Foundry workloads to Kubernetes with minimal disruption or changes to existing developer workflows! Watch to learn as Carter Morgan, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, discusses how to use Kf to transition your Cloud Foundry applications and services to Kubernetes in no time!

CoreLogic’s Cloud Solution Architect, Jeff Henry’s, Google Next talk about how they are re-platforming 10,000+ Cloud Foundry app-instances with Kf → https://goo.gle/3HtIwWl

product: Cloud – Databases – Cloud Bigtable;

Duration: 00:04:18
Publisher: Google Cloud
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