Migrating On-Premises Hadoop Infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Next ’18)

This session provides an overview of how to move your on-premises Apache Hadoop system to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It describes a migration process that not only moves your Hadoop work to GCP, but also enables you to adapt your work to take advantage of the benefits of a Hadoop system optimized for cloud computing. It also introduces some fundamental concepts you need to understand in order to translate your Hadoop configuration to GCP.

This session will cover the following:
It provides an overview of the migration process, with particular emphasis on moving from large, persistent clusters to an ephemeral model.
It describes the process of moving your data to Cloud Storage and other GCP products.
It describes the process of running your jobs on Cloud Dataproc and other GCP products.

Event schedule → http://g.co/next18

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Duration: 34:33
Publisher: Google Cloud
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