Mirantis Collaborates With Intel and Google to Enable OpenStack on Kubernetes

Mirantis, a pure-play OpenStack cloud company, has announced a collaboration with Google and Intel to evolve the architecture of the purpose-built lifecycle management tool for OpenStack, Fuel, and related OpenStack projects, to enable for use of Kubernetes as its underlying orchestration engine.

Mirantis, Intel and Google will work with the OpenStack community to package OpenStack into Docker containers to be managed by Kubernetes. The companies will jointly discuss the details of this collaboration at the upcoming OpenStack Days Silicon Valley on August 9-10.

The resulting software would give users fine grain control over the placement of services used for the OpenStack control plane and the ability to do rolling updates of OpenStack, make the OpenStack control plane self-healing and more resilient, and smooth the path for the creating of microservices-based applications on OpenStack.

mirantis openstack“With the emergence of Docker as the standard container image format and Kubernetes as the standard for container orchestration, we are finally seeing continuity in how people approach operations of distributed applications,” said Boris Renski, CMO of Mirantis. “Combining Kubernetes and Fuel will open OpenStack up to a new delivery model that allows faster consumption of updates, helping customers get to outcomes faster.”

To further support Kubernetes on OpenStack, Mirantis will become an active contributor to the Kubernetes project, aiming to become a top contributor over the next year. Mirantis has also joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a Linux Foundation project and organization dedicated to advancing the development of cloud native applications and services, as a Silver member.

“As part of the Intel Cloud for All initiative, our collaboration with CoreOS, Google and Mirantis to integrate OpenStack and Kubernetes will help to accelerate the deployment of tens of thousands of new clouds,” said Jonathan Donaldson, Intel Vice President and General Manager, Software Defined Infrastructure, Data Center Solutions Group. “Our joint efforts will marry two complementary and powerful open source communities, making it simpler for enterprises to manage private clouds.”