Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal Available in 18 Metros Globally

“Mirantis is an important addition to our ecosystem of Kubernetes platform integrations,” said Jacob Smith, VP Strategy and Marketing, Equinix Metal.

Open cloud company Mirantis and data center operator Equinix have teamed up to deliver fully managed Mirantis Container Cloud deployed on Equinix Metal in 18 metros globally. This would allow any IT operator or developer to provision, monitor, and lifecycle-manage Kubernetes, Swarm, and OpenStack on interconnected, on-demand infrastructure.

Mirantis Container Cloud can quickly deploy and manage clusters to different infrastructure platforms, including as public and private clouds, as well as Equinix’s fully managed bare metal solution, Equinix Metal, on-premises and at the edge.

Equinix Fabric is used to provide private, low-latency global network access to 10,000 clouds, networks, and companies who use Equinix to host their digital infrastructure. The result is a single pane of glass for on-demand, multi-cloud deployments. It would enable highly automated provisioning, non-disruptive continuous upgrades, and self-service across whatever infrastructures clients need.

Photo Jacob Smith, VP Strategy and Marketing, Equinix Metal
“Mirantis is an important addition to our ecosystem of Kubernetes platform integrations,” said Jacob Smith, VP Strategy and Marketing, Equinix Metal.

“With Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal, customers get the performance boost of dedicated bare metal with Equinix Metal integrated with the interconnection capabilities of Equinix Fabric — enabling optimal platform and workload placement with minimum network round-trip times to companies in finance, technology, digital media, and other industries in major markets around the world,” said Pradip Shankar, vice president of global alliances and partners, Mirantis. “It’s ideal for SaaS providers, communications service providers, and other organizations that need great performance, but want to shed capital expenditure in favor of OpEx. Organizations that want to run containers and virtual machines can now do so with the best-of-breed Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and OpenStack — provisioned on demand in minutes on Equinix Metal with usage-based billing. They can control their evolution towards multi-cloud quickly, gaining maximum benefits of cloud while assuming minimum risk, and with zero lock-in to proprietary platforms and cloud provider offerings.”

Mirantis Container Cloud on Equinix Metal is available now through Mirantis as well as Equinix.

Bare-Metal Kubernetes/Swarm and/or OpenStack IaaS

Mirantis Container Cloud customers operating on Equinix Metal may move quickly and easily from launch to production thanks to Mirantis’ full management. They can avoid years of complicated DIY, high learning curves, and unclear returns by embracing a truly cloud-native, cloud-simple solution based on open source that allows them to innovate and expand without being locked in.

To sum up, through this collaboration between Mirantis and Equinix Metal, clients would gain:

  • The advantages of shifting to the public cloud, such as simple operations, easy automation, on-demand flexibility, and usage-based invoicing, but with bare metal performance and security – all completely managed by Mirantis via a single pane of glass and a single API for ops automation.
  • The ability to deploy bare-metal Kubernetes/Swarm and/or OpenStack IaaS where needed for optimal application performance, availability, and user experience.
  • The ability to monitor, scale, and update clusters in a non-disruptive and easy manner, with continuous updates curated by Mirantis and support from Mirantis and Equinix Metal.
  • Portability of container workloads, configurations, operators, and automation is enabled by Mirantis Kubernetes Engine clusters that are consistent, production-ready, and secure across multi-region, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.
  • The ability to connect to the clouds, networks, partners, clients, and rich open ecosystems offered on the Equinix platform via Equinix Fabric.
  • Proximity to what’s essential to them in 18 worldwide Equinix Metal metropolitan zones.
  • Workload optimization using Equinix Metal’s broad range of bare metal server choices and configurations, as well as more flexibility throughout the Mirantis Cloud Native Platform software stack.

Mirantis is an important addition to our ecosystem of Kubernetes platform integrations,” said Jacob Smith, VP Strategy and Marketing, Equinix Metal. “Our companies serve an overlapping set of customers that want to simplify their digital infrastructures and move faster. Our collaboration will help customers leverage our respective capabilities to abstract the complexity of deploying cloud-native applications across diverse environments at global scale.”