Mirantis Kubernetes Engine | Simple, Flexible & Scalable Container Orchestration on ANY Infra

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The full story on how Mirantis Kubernetes Engine can transform your cloud native operations. Formerly known as Docker Enterprise, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine is an evolved Kubernetes management platform that makes life easier for DevOps teams and developers.

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine provides a simple, flexible, and scalable container orchestration platform for the enterprise. Run on private cloud, public cloud, or bare metal. Get up and running faster with integrated networking, ingress, and storage defaults. Leverage dual-orchestration with Kubernetes, Swarm, or both.

Want to focus on innovation instead of operations? Fast-track your cloud journey with Mirantis’ zero-friction managed operations. Couple Mirantis Kubernetes Engine with OpsCare Plus for a fully-managed Kubernetes experience. Our cloud native experts can get you up and running with production Kubernetes on any infrastructure in as little as two weeks.

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