Mirantis Lens Now Gives Access to Managed Kubernetes Development Clusters

The next tech preview upgrade to open-source project Lens, which allows customers simple access to a managed Kubernetes development cluster, has been revealed by Mirantis. It would make it easy for users to unleash the power of containers and Kubernetes anywhere.

Lens is one of the most popular Kubernetes IDEs, with over 5 million downloads, 500,000 users, and 17,000 ratings on GitHub.

Lens Spaces, a cloud-based solution, makes managed dev clusters available straight through the Lens Desktop application. Users may now use a development cluster that is specifically designed for software development.

“With over 500,000 Lens users, the developer clusters feature is now fully implemented with Lens 5.4,” said Miska Kaipiainen, Vice President of Engineering at Mirantis. “It’s possible some corner cases may need ironing and some scaling issues may present themselves, hence the label ‘tech preview.’ Expect to see many improvements to this functionality over the coming months.”

Accessibility Kubernetes

The latest Lens upgrade would make Kubernetes more accessible to everyone, providing cloud native developers and others with a managed development cluster optimized for software development needs. The release also transforms Lens into a Kubernetes platform for developers, rather than merely an IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

New to Mirantis Lens:

  • Offload Local Cluster – Instead of working on a resource-limited local PC, move Kubernetes development to the cloud and use Lens Spaces to access it
  • Save Resources – Ensure that the resources in your operating system are readily available and accessible for more critical projects
  • Intelligent Auto-Shutdown – Managed development clusters will detect inactivity and shut down automatically to prevent incurring further expenditures, lowering huge public cloud provider bills
  • Standardized Setup – Teams can be swiftly onboarded, and applications are developed in a standardized Kubernetes development environment, guaranteeing that they can be transferred to a production environment

The Lens upgrade is now accessible as open-source software. Mirantis’ Lens Spaces Personal plan is free; the Teams plan, which includes more features, starts at $9 per user per month. Managed development clusters can be purchased by the hour, day, or month.