Mirantis OpenStack: Fuel 8.0 New Features

Fuel is a project inside of OpenStack big tent which helps users successfully configure, deploy, and manage their OpenStack private cloud environments.

This video details many improvements made to Fuel’s UI/UX and functionality in version 8.0, including an easy-to-use wizard that walks users through initial environment configuration, enables them to assign roles to available nodes, apply changes to settings, and use the network connectivity verification tool to ensure their networks are set up properly. Then, with the click of a button, they can provision the operating system and deploy OpenStack services onto all selected nodes.

Other new features include a component registry that allows you to see information about tested compatibility between core components and any plugins installed on the Fuel master node; improvements to the settings and network tabs, and an equipment view that lets you see all of your nodes to review inventory and environment assignments.

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Duration: 3:58
Publisher: Mirantis
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